Exhibition visting_ Peter Matthews @Beers Gallery

I came really early from Uni today so i ‘ve had the chance to pop in Beers Gallery for a quick look..A number of around 14 pieces were hanging or leaning against wall so it felt quicker packed. I ve spend some time observing the lines on the abstract paintings.
You could clearly see that the canvases surface wasn’t covered in primer material, and it felt as if they were left outside abandoned for a long time.

After making my self to the exit, i realised a monitor mounted on the wall- right opposite the door. It was turned off… so i assumed that it wasn’t part of the piece..But just before i left, the invigilator ran after me, apologizing about the screen and insisted that i should have a quick look, and that the video piece was really  essential to the whole exhibition.
well to tell the TRUTH yes ! it did made everything cleared and far more interesting.


The video below, its a small documentary of how the work has actually been produced.

The whole perforative aspect of it reminds me a bit of my process in doing the “Durationable Sculpture series”.
It seems as if my own still photographs are like Peter’s Paintings. Only that in my case. the actual piece doesn’t exist in the present but exist within the image, which has captured a particular moment in time.
I was really glad I ‘ve seen the video, at the end, it made me see the paintings in a different perspective and maybe appriciate them even more.I caught my self going back in and spending almost half an hour observing the paintings again and again, making my own narrative of the process behind them…
I didn’t realize how important is for the viewer sometimes to see the actual process of something – and not to mention that sometimes event this particular process is more important to the actual finished piece.


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