Tutorial with Jonathan – final Steps

So today i had a really helpful and embracing tutorial with Jonathan, that has followed by Cardio warm up ( running in the public transport in order to get in time) :p

So basically we summed up that I luckily have a lot of options for my final piece – in terms of medium, and in terms of pieces.

Some pieces that i could include are from my Durationable Sculpture Series.
I am featuring some screenshots of them below (and no i haven t yet posted any of the process :s on  my blog) 

What i was thinking would be to use one or two pictures of the same sculpture – and feature two video performances looping together. Jonathan suggested that it would be wiser to show the video on the large Tv Screen that we have in the studio to preserve the quality. Some people suggested the idea of using a Mac instead but in my opinion it would give the piece the sense that is still in an editing processes. The screen can be placed right opposite the photograph/s OR in another room ( in the same floor probably) to make the viewers question about their relativity
13407312_1181422528575438_1609078400743854488_n (1)

Different mounting methods ideas:

When it comes to mounting, i am more keen to the idea of mounting the Photographic work on to aluminium. I really llike the finish/ flattness of the image, and the really thin sides it gives a really modern look to the finish of the piece.⤵

i have already visited Chelsea College of Arts, and they provide there the possibility to press on aluminium! the bigger we can do on width is 1m and as for the length there is no limit. An other option, as Jonathan mentioned, is to find local companies that do everything for you in order to save important time.

Right at the end of the discussion Jonathan came with a really interesting idea..what if i would do an actual performance in the room were i will exhibit.. so lets say go in on the 28th of June, take my sculpture, perform, take some pictures and leave the sculpture there dissembled in the ground.
That would basically add an other piece on the floor 


i m actually quite exciter by this..as i know for my past experience the best things happen right in the moment when you feel that you would use some rest. its the very time that you push your limits that the ‘magic’ occures. I ll definitely go for it:) even if it doesnt work i ll have some extra bit of work in my back :p )

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