Website Under Construction

YES it was about time!
after a discussion I had with a person that was interested to see my work and event management skills, i decided that i urgently need to do a website ! i ve been recently working on my Wix website that i ve built up in my Ba, but i decided to give it up… and create a better, more simplified and modern version.

So i signed in Squarespace:
Its pretty user friendly so far – especially for a person like me who is lacking the knowledge of basic coding and who failed her visual basic lessons in high school.

well it seems that, so far so good 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 17.33.47.png
i m planning to make to Gategories, in the primary menu.. and maybe call it Durational Sculpture series. and the other one Body Object series

Below each category i ll attach some folders containing max4 images and perfomative pieces.(if possible).

On the Secondary menu, i ll probably add:
1. folder called other projects were i could have different Folders, for example: RAUM Gallery / photography participations/ illustrative works/ my projects in Cyprus.
2. Blog containing articles and interviews of mine. Participations in exhibition etc.
3. Contact – well for the obvious reason :p

I also need to have the social media bar somewhere.. lets see…

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