☞ Under the Same Sun | S.London Gallery (2)

Art From the Latin America Today

This exhibition brings together artist from different Countries in Latin America, under the same Exhibition, under the same Sun. Through their collaboration, they share a common ground and a common  history that comes from three hundred years of colonial occupation by either Spain or Portugal, but also a shared history of modernity, an idea of progress that was very present in the whole of the continent, but also followed by periods of repressive governments, military occupation, as well as economic crisis





Jonathas de Andrad
Cartazes para o Museu do Homem do Nordeste

(Posters for the Museum of the Man of the Northeast – in english, is an installation of 77 posters. By putting an add at the newspaper asking workers to opse for the posters of the museum. Surprisingly the artist has managed to gather lots of responses. ” A lot of men started calling me and asking for information, “What was that about?” And I would ask back, “How do you imagine yourself in the poster of the museum? How do you imagine yourself as the ‘Man of the Northeast’?” And we would have very intense conversations about their backgrounds, and how he imagines himself photographed, in the poster. And the conversation was the most powerful part of that relation.”

I really liked this participation piece.Several canvases were hanging from all sort of different hights, at the begining i didnt realise that it was an interactive piece, but then the museum lady told me to play around. you could unhang the canvases ad place them anywhere else you wanted, curating them in the space differently every time.


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