Final Sculpture_DAY1

Day well Spent today 🙂
I had a Job interview early in the morning and after that, the wood i ve ordered the other day arrived at Wilson Road!
I spent all my day in the 3D Workshop playing around and bothering poor Neil with my questions :p

I have ordered approximately 30 meters of wood which would probably be enough to create two sculptural pieces.

So my first step was once again to cut the wood randomly into smaller pieces and play around to see how i wanted to put them together.

Assembling:  I decided to experiment with two assembly methods:
A) The first assembly method would allow the two pieces of wood to move and fold like I want and whenever i want by simply unscrewing the back bit.


B) wheres the second method (using the Screws) is more stable and more permanent.



I ‘ve collected different objects today and during the past days. including the fragment of a stone column that was kindly given to me after chatting with the artist whose renting a studio space at the yard of  Whitten Timber in Peckham.
An other favorite object that i found is the curved piece of the wood at the right (image below) which i am going to experiment with tomorrow by sanding the edges in order to make it a little bit more soft and smooth.

00247.jpgv  dsc_7184.jpg

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