☞ Final Sculpture Day2

I was looking forward for today ! in fact i realised that i woke up an hour earlier and got dressed in less than half the time I normally do :p
To be honest, I wish it was tomorrow already…Kind of hating my self for not coming at Neils Yard earlier this year.

So today i continued working on my two sculptural pieces..I had some great fun and i really enjoyed the process of it. for now the pieces are looking like that but as i said i ll experiment with adding a bit more elements on it to make them more complicated and heavy.



I asked Neil if he could show me how to use the machine below ( i don’t remember the English name unfortunately), as was curious to put my hands on it and as i i want to shape it probably to use it for my final piece..
I was afraid that he would get annoyed with all my questions the passed days but I think he was more than happy especially when he saw me jumping around from excitement.

He spoke of the wood like a human..an individual that you need to treat with respect , treat differently than others and according to its materiality (background)…



So colour is something i ve been thinking lately! the room is really white..So i think i ll stick in the idea to use a really artificial eye – catchy colour, like for example the one i used in my previous piece(below). Since i am making more than two sculptures anyway i decided that i might aswell use a different colour for each one.




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