Day3: Degree Show’s Piece

I ve pretty much spent the day today finishing my wood pieces and working on the lathe mashine 🙂


During the lunch brake i went in Camberwells diy shop to get the paints i needeed. Ι ended up chosing 3 different pastel colours, a blue one, a green and a pink one…

All of them the same tone..
I then played around with both the 3 bases and the 3 sculptutes to see which ones i would fit together..
For example the sculpture below,


has a more sculptural feeling due to its rectagles and straight lines thats why i chose to include the ‘column fragment piece’ i think it will work create together – for this one i will be using blue colour.

For the second one i chose a green colour, i think it will fit really well with the wooden piece i found…




The last one in the row is my ‘breaking the boundaries’ one. I delibetry made it unstable in some areas as if its about to brake any time soon. The fragilness of it reminds more of my previous pieces where instead of screws i used nails. In this piece i ve used an other method of assembling some of the pieces, in order to add more flexibity in moving them.
I will be using my encraved piece of wood that i ve done in Lathe, and i will be painting it pink, like the piece i did in Cyprus, only this time the colour will be a little bit brighter..


I am getting there #staytuned


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