Choosing | Testing | Printing Day 6

After spending some time i decided to use the three images below.. The Sculptures are produced in the same room – in which the exhibition will take place but in three different places.  In each photograph the body appears to have a slightly different body posture..

I have done some really basic editing in the images…only to 1. enhance the light of the space ,2.enhance the shadows and light on the body, 3. edit away some birthmarks of my back and 4. di -saturate a bit the colour of my body.

After the performances, the three wooden structures and bases were left in the room..



The printing size was something that i had to rethink…My main concerns were not to do massive ones so i wouldnt be really dominant in the room considering the fact that the other peoples pieces where smaller in size.. also..i needed to be aware of the image resolution in order not to lose some important details.
The lines on the walls ( visible in the first and second image) were something that i had to consider while mounting the images on the wall.

I did a small Test with one of my prints to check the resolution and experiment with placing two laminated film on top – one matte and one glossy.

Fragment of the third sculptural composition. On the right i used the matte laminater film to experiment.and on the left one the glossy one. I am not usually a fan of the glossy one but in this case the glossy film not only protects the image but instead enhances the details.

I finally desided to blow up the image only to 1meter long..and 66 cm width to ensure that the resolution would good.

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