Mounting | Transferring work Day 7&8


While the lamination process was going on at the Mounting Workshop Space up in Digital Media, I went to pay a visit to the metal workshop downsterds at the D block in Chelsea..
I really couldn’t express how stress i was till I was assured that there were some aluminium sheets in stock ! Nevertheless the guy at the Digital media stressed me out more by telling me that the Metal workshop would be probably closed due to some serious flutings they had. FUN TIMES 🙂
Well it seems that am extremely lucky after all!  and less than an hour later i got out with 3 sheets of aluminium size 99 cm and 65cm 🙂 ( For the mounting process the aluminium sheet needs be a double of mm less than the photograph)

Charlotte at the Mounting Workshop did pretty much the rest, she explained me the whole process roughly and told me i could collect them the next day at one point when they would be dry..

Day 8:
Charlotte called my at around 10 in the morning and told me to go get them at 3 in order to give the wood at the back some time to glue perfectly.
When i got there we bubble rubbed two of them together and I took them at our Exhibition Space at wilson Road 🙂
Popped in at Neils Yard to get some wood for mounting the alumium on the wall. i ve drilled some woods on them swell for the screws to get in.



I ve spent there some time filling some holes and repainting bits of wall space with Donald’s help! A lot of people were in for the whole day apparently preparing there stuff and getting ready for the big event! i loved walking around and imagining how it will all look at the end! excited 🙂

Sneak peeks:

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