Installing work_ Exhibition Loading

Well i ve spent past few days in the Exhibition Space, preparing painting and filling some holes on the walls. Brought my final Print in the studio today so everything seemed to be falling into place! I still had a few things to do..decide the work would go  in the space *(wall?site? location) mount the work by screwing three blocks of wood, and prepare the Video depicting the 3 performances.

Thinking of Were my work would go:

Choice 1: Works placed next to each other on the small wall.Not a choice :p 
I felt that the work was really getting compressed due to the size of the wall..The width is 4 meters or less so it want possible to place each work in the distance they needed from each other. Also the opposite wall which takes the whole opposite side, would be almost empty..It made more sence for Petes table to go in the smaller wall..


Choice 2:  The work hanged next to the place were the performance took place.
This felt a bit to obvious and straight forward, we were discussing with Donald and Jonathan the importance of providing an arena or a platform where viewers can interpret the work and creating their own assumptions.

Choice 3: Mounting them next to each other on the big wall.
That was definitely my best choice.. the size of the wall is just perfect for the work to stand out but at the same time it doesnt feel that its compressing the whole space or work.
I ve attached some pieces of wood on the wall so i could hang the aluminium on. I left more than 70 cm distance from each photograph to an other.



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