06 JULY 2016

Anthi Evangelou | EVA1035696


Previous Project Proposals/Evaluations/steps:

1.28 October 2014  & 2.November 2015

A)Analyse and critically reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context

Throughout the begging of the Fine Art Digital Master course, my interests laid upon the idea of the body being translated into a readymade object. This object/form would temporary interact with its surroundings in an attempt of creating new surreal conversations and compositions. My main explorations focused on the idea of producing sculptural work by integrating and collaborating with other mediums.

First Year: Although I had gasped a wider understanding of the conceptual framework that I wanted to build on, I feel that I have not pushed my self enough by experimenting with things that would lead me outside my comfort zone. It seems that my decisions were based around my immediate available options and made with shy and yet small steps. Communicating my practice and my reflection was not my strongest bit either since I did not provide an understandable and clearer arena of information for the wider audience.

Second Year: Things started to boost to better right at the end of the first term after my Research Paper. I started creating a better image of what I wanted to achieve enabling me to draw a clearer and more confident step-to-step methodological approach. I became more confident in testing, experimenting with different materials, and reflecting more critically on my outcomes, highlighting the strengths and embracing any problems, challenges or failures arisen.

Risk taking and breaking the boundaries of certainty was definitely more evident from the beginning until the very end this term. I feel that I have increased the amount of work over the past months creating a gallery of different experimentations, which led to my personal and professional development. I am confident to say that my organisation skills have developed significantly especially the last half term due to the fact that I was working with a lot of projects at the same time in a pressured time setting.

In addiction I found myself taking more initiations and embracing new challenges.. a good example of this is RAUM Gallery. Raum Gallery is an artist run project space that collaborates with students and emerging artists to provide an area of exchange inside the realms of the UAL University environment. Our Gallery was hosting a series of weekly Events (Group or Solo Exhibitions) that are organised, curated and promoted by a colleague/friend of mine ( Donald Takeshita – Guy) and myself.

B)Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development

After graduating from the Ma, I would like to continue working on my sculptural composition exploring and experimenting by integrating the use of different materials and methods that I haven’t yet experimented with. Furthermore I would like to gain a more in depth knowledge in the science of Morphology ( in relation to objects/shapes/form). If possible, I would really like to provide guidance and help to the new coordinators of the Raum Gallery at the UAL and meanwhile try to find a part time internship in a creative industry for experience.

I plan to stay here in London until the end this year and finally move back to Cyprus on January to work as a  Communications Assistant at the Organisation of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017. One of my biggest aspirations for the upcoming months its to work on a self initiated project called ‘Idolio Project’. ‘Idolio Projects’ aspires to become the first Sculpture Exhibition in my hometown featuring nine large-scale sculptures inspired by Ancient Cypriot Idols. The project will encompass Open Calls, talks and workshops.
After moving back Cyprus I will continue producting work, exploring the possibilities of creating site-specific sculptures and installations in different locations of the island

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