Soundscope Installation | Brick Lane

DSC_1256 DSC_1255 DSC_1252DSC_1251

SOUNDSCOPE – Music As An Imaginary Space

”Sound is an art installation offering a spatial journey through music.This imaginary space proposes an alternative to conventional configurations of music performances. It its a syneasthetic experience s,translating music into an immersive landscape of lights in motions.The Art installation uses multiple projections onto translucent materials alongside surround sound technologies to create an augmented 3D environment responding to music.The aplitude,frequency nd duration of each note is translated into unique pattern in motion.The sound,visual and spatial language of SoundScope is inspired by water motions,from rain to storm,agitated to calm seas..This mathematical and emotional translation aims at providing the visitorswith an intuitive spatial insight into music .It is set in a reflective environment enhancing the endless nature of this imaginary journey.”

An art installation by : Elyne Legarnisson in collaboration with : Kate Kowalczuk
Music Composed by : Hannah Dilkes

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